Model XJL-300C is a special tester used for testing plastic pipes in compliance with ISO3127, BS EN1411 and BS EN744.


  • The function of anti-rebound device has the catching rate of 100%.
  • The import AC servo system will guarantee the high locating precision and fast rising speed.
  • The impact height may be set between 50~2000 mm, also the impact height may be calibrated automatically.
  • Automatic personal safeguards are provided in this instrument including specimen door、anti-shock and striker window safeguard, etc.

Technical parameters:

  • Impact height: 0~2000mm, with the display error within±2mm.
  • Overall dimensions: L1100mm×W600mm×H3800 mm.
  • Energy losses: <0.25%.
  • Masses of strikers: 0.25~16kg, permissible tolerance shall be ±0.5%.
  • Nose and masses of striker: depending on customer’s standards.

    XJL-400 Falling Weight Impact Tester:
  • This unit has similar features to the XJL-300C but complies with ASTM D 2444.
  • Theimpactheightmay be set between 50 and 3000mm.