Dinamómetros de Fuerza y Bancos de Prueba


Mark-10 is a designer and manufacturer of force gauges, torque gauges, test stands and gripping fixtures.

Our force and torque gauges and measurement systems are used by quality control, engineering, and manufacturing professionals in virtually every industry around the world to help assess and ensure product quality.

All products are made in USA and have a 3 year warranty!  


We have at your disposal the following:



Digtal Force Gauges Manual Test Stands Motorized Test Stands
Gauges ManualES20 MOtorizedESM303
Grips & Attachments Wire Crimp Tester Torque Gauges
Grips Wire Crimp Tester TorqueTT01
Force and Torque Indicators and Sensors Ergonomic Kit  
Dinamómetro de fuerza - torque Modelo 3i Ergonomics