The tester is designed according to the standard GB17200, GB10006 and ISO8295.

It is mainly applying in testing the static and dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet.

It is controlled by computer, measures and displays automatically the coefficient  of friction with reliable performance, high accuracy and multi-function.

Technical parameters:

  • Dimension of slider: 63×63 (mm)  Weight of slider: 200±2g.
  • Dimension of working plate: 200×470 (mm).
  • Testing accuracy: ±1%.
  • Speed of slider: 100 mm/min.
  • Range: 0-2N.
  • Power: 220V, 50HZ.
  • R232 interface with computer.
  • Dimension of shape: 480×320×300 (mm).
  • Weight: 35kg.