The tester is applying in testing the flexibility of sheet flexible materials such as high-grade tissue and fiber fabric.

It developed according to GB/T 8942 models the hand touching feeling to test the flexibility. It is rationally configured by advanced domestic and foreign components, supporting components and microprocessor and so on.

The tester has the characters of compact construction, small dimension, light, multifunction and reliable performance and so on. In addition, it also has the function of testing parameters, adjusting, displaying, printing and data processing.

Technical parameters:

  • Testing range: 10-1000mN.
  • Value error: ±1%.
  • Probe total trip: ≤12mm.
  • Probe indentation depth: 8±0.5mm.
  • Platform slit width: 5mm, 6.35mm, 10mm, 20mm.
  • Platform slit parallel error: ≤0.05mm.
  • Neutral Probe: ≤0.05mm.