DRK110 Probador de absorción CobbThe instrument is designed according to GB/T1540-1989 (Cobb paper and cardboard absorbency method).

The standard is used to test the absorbency of paper and cardboard, but not applied to evaluate the writing performance of paper and cardboard.

Technical parameters:

  • Metal cylinder inside area: 100±0.2cm², hight: 50mm, keep the touching part smooth between cylinder ring part and specimen.
  • Absorbency paper: 200~250g/m², absorbency speed: 75mm/10min.
  • Smooth metal roller: width200±0.5mm, weight 10±0.5kg.

Dimension and weight.

  • Dimension of itemI: 390×280×410 (mm), weight: 20kg.
  • Dimension of itemII: 315×280×110 (mm), weight: 25kg.