This instrument is professionally designed for the determination of oxygen transmission rate test of film and package specimens.

It has three test modes and is applicable to various materials with high, medium and low oxygen permeability.

It is also embedded with high precision oxygen sensor, which provides a huge test range of 0.01~65000cm3/m2•d and durable service life.


  • Wide range and high precision of temperature and humidity control, adding humidity to two sides of the specimen, to support various combinations of non-standard test conditions.
  • World leading pressure compensation technology ensures accurate and repeatable test results.
  • Standard, proportional and continuous testing modes facilitate to minimize errors caused by human factors during the testing process.
  • Equipped with catalyst deaerator to purify carrier gas and reduce system errors.
  • 2 types of carrier gases are available: High purity nitrogen gas or hydrogen-mixed nitrogen gas.
  • Convenient fast-access calibration port for temperature and humidity.
  • Reference film for accurate calibration.