The melt flow indexer is related to the melted material viscosity.

It allows the operator to make an estimation of the mean molecular weight, at the same time giving an indication of melt “flow ability” through a die.

The Melt index is defined as the weight or the volume of melted material flowing through a calibrated die, under the effect of a pre-determined force, at constant temperature and for the total time of 10 minutes.

International reference standards and related methods.

  • ISO 1133, ASTM D1238.
  • Method A: gravimetric / MFR (Melt Flow Rate).
  • Method B: volumetric / MVR (Melt Volume Rate).


  • Display mode: Touch screen.
  • Auto cutting: Yes
  • MFR: Yes
  • MVR: Yes
  • Auto calculate result MVR: Yes
  • Export to PC: Yes
  • SW: Yes