The IT Series of low capacity impact testers are used to determine the impact toughness of plastic, glass steel, plastic pipe, strong nylon, ceramic and electric insulator materials.

The IT Series of impact testers offers a wide variety of models so that the exact testing requirement can be met at a cost effective price.

PTS impact testers are available for Izod, Charpy or Tensile Impact tests, or for a combination of Izod and Charpy.

The testers are also available in analog, digital or computerized versions.

The digital display tester has a function of energy loss auto calibration.

The clear multi-line LCD display and tactile-feedback keypad allows fast, accurate input of test parameters and provides continuous display of settings during testing.

High precision, perfect stability and easy operation were instrumental features in obtaining the CE certification.

Physical Test Solutions (PTS) impact testers conformed to standards;
ISO179, 180, GB/T1043, 1843, ASTM D256, JB8762, JB8761, ISO9854, GB18743.