To cover the range of Izod and Charpy pendulums, PTS has the ITC-XJF Series.


  • Both Charpy and Izod test can be carried out in one tester.
  • Unique and innovative design of the vice and pendulum allows operator to run alternatively Charpy and Izod tests without changing the instrument geometry.
  • Technological high rigidity design of pendulum affords minimum wind resistance ensures test accuracy.
  • As technical core and soul of XJF-5.5, the innovative pendulum edge can also be applied in Charpy or Izod test.
  • High-level automation design: Automatic identification of test method, automatic measurement of starting angle as well as automatic calibration /modification of energy loss.
  • The basic instrument has a wide color touch screen for a simple and fast input of the test parameters, visualization of test execution& final results; analytical dialog box to determine complete or partial hinge break. Testing code can be updated manually or automatically.
  • Friendly display interface provided with multiple languages, such as English, French, Italian, German, Chinese, etc, thus meeting the requirements of customers all over the world.
  • Seamless Switching between touch panel and PC provides flexible operation.
  • Advanced networking design provides internet port for laboratory, realizing remote online maintenance, calibration technical upgrades.
  • Multiple automatic safety protection measures ensure the performance of high security.
  • The unit complies with the following standards. ISO 179, ISO 180, ASTM D 256.