This instrument is based on the combination of differential pressure method and chromatography analysis technology.

It is the only instrument in the market so far that provides the quantitative and qualitative analysis of organic gas permeability of various films and sheeting materials.

  • Automatic temperature control system gives heating and cooling functions, that tests can be carried out at any temperature within the given range.
  • Major components are imported from renowned countries with stable and reliable performance.
  • All test parameters can be set flexibly for convenient operation.
  • Wide range of power input ensures the instrument working regularly at various conditions.

OR2-411 system utilizes Labthink's latest embedded computer control system that provides a better performance than traditional single chip system.

  • Embedded computer control system provides safer and more reliable data management as well as test operation.
  • The system can be easily operated by a standard monitor, a keyboard and a mouse; no PC required.
  • The system is equipped with four USB ports and dual internet ports for convenient input, output, and data transfer.