SBG-80 D65-A Fuente de Luz Estándar

SBG-80 D65/A is equipped with double light source and consists of ultra color-rendering D6500 light tube, A light source tungsten lamp and precision designed downlight system.

This instrument strictly conforms to the relevant color evaluation and comparison conditions of CIE and CY3-91 requirements.

It is designed for the all-day color evaluation and comparison of industries about printing, paint, ink, plastic, dyeing and finishing, and etc.


  • Double light source of CIE D65 and A.
  • Stable light spectrum and accurate color rendering.
  • Standard and even illumination.
  • Unique metamerism function.
  • Equipped with automatic timer to show the instrument running conditions.
  • 2 installation modes of hanging and wall-hanging for users' choice.