No money? No problem!,  

CIENTEC only provides innovative solutions for material testing, Cientec also provides innovative financing solutions through professional companies pertaining to the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers.

The CIENTEC financing solutions allows the purchase of equipment with little or no down payment, and in addition, shipping and miscellaneous expenses can also be included in the financing.


Is the company capital budget depleted and you still need to purchase equipment?

No problem. Your company may still have funds in its expense budget.

Lease financing affords the opportunity to purchase capital equipment with and allocate the procurement under the expense budget.

Lease financing offers a variety of advantages that facilitate the procurement of capital equipment. In choosing to lease, companies resolve liquidity issues, it allows alternate use of cash and affords important tax advantages.


A list of benefits, FAQ’s and benefits of leasing is provided for added information on the important option for procurement.

  • Financing Benefits
  • Lease Financing Options