API Radian Plus API Láser Tracker mod. RADIAN PLUS
Ace Skyline

KREON Skyline Measuring Arm

2 mts, 7 probe with axis. 42um precision

 Durometro Vickers FALCON 600

INNOVATEST FALCON 603 Micro hardness tester Vickers 

Automatic, 10 gF-10 kgF, Impressions Software, X,Y motorized table

 CX 9800 Optical Emission Spectrometer Brochure

CREATE - CX-9800 Optical Emission Spectrometer

For Fe, Cu, Al base, basic model for 16 elements

 LMI Laser Gauge LMI Laser gauge -LG-HS703S-LB-F30 Light blue scanner, line vission 30 mm
 CS 910 N CREATE - CS-910-N Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer, includes scale and laptop 
 CS 910 Analyzer CREATE - CS-910 Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer, includes scale and laptop 

KREON Skyline Measuring Arm

2 mts, 6 probe with axis. 26um precision

 artec spider big ARTEC 3D- ARTEC SPIDER Portable Scanner for 3D digitization, 50um precision and Studio 10 Pro license included
 vProbe 1 API -V PROVBE for dynamic scanning
 Capture control geomagic Inspection web image 0 GEOMAGIC - CAPTURE

Portable Light Blue Scanner, 0.060mm precision with turntable

 NEXUS 3200XLM INNOVATEST - NEXUS 3200 Brinell Hardness Tester 10-3000 kgF, touch screen
 NAE Enviro NAE - ENVIRO Climatic Chamber,

Internal dimensions 500x400x600mm. Capacity 120lts.

 Bainpol Auto PTS-METCO BP-VT Polisher Ø300mm
NEXUS 3200XLM INNOVATEST - NEXUS 605RS Rockwell Hardness Tester and Rockwell Superficial 3-150 kgF, touch screen
PTS Microscopio MJ6408 PTS Metallographic Microscope - MJ6408-BD inverted plate, clear field and dark field
 OXFORD Medidor de espesored OXFORD -CMI-730 Thickness Gauge (does not include probes)
HR 1S PTS - HR-1S Rockwell Hardness Tester Superficial Portable Opening 50x50mm
RHT 50 PTS -RHT-150M Analog Rockwell Hardness Tester, Motorized. Loads 10, 60, 100 y 150 kgF
RHT 50 PTS - RHT-150 Analog Rockwell Hardness Tester, Manual. Loads 10, 60, 100 y 150 kgF
JC 10 PTS - JC10 Brinell Manual Print Microscope
DG 25 MICROREP - DG-25 Digital Calibrator  
ARGUSOFT Image Analysis VTsize ARGUSOFT -VT-SIZE Software license for mesuring with statistical process microscopes SIZE 7.0
Durometro Analogo LXA PTS -LX-A Shore A Hardness Tester
 Mesa Granito Mesa de Granito negro 40" x 30" grado 0, planicidad 0.007 mm con soporte de acero
CxNF Create Torno preparacion  PTS-CREATE -CX/ NF Torno para preparación de probetas para espectrometro
HR 2S PTS -HR-2S Durómetro Rockwell Superficial Portable Apertura 25×25mm
moticam 10 MOTIC - MOTICAM- 10+ Cámara digital para microscopio 10+ Mega pixeles, Puerto USB3.0
HR 1S PTS - HR1 Durómetro Rockwell Portable Apertura 25×25mm
Durometro Analogo LXA PTS - LX-D Durómetro Shore D marca PTS
CMI 233 OXFORD -CMI-233 Medidor de espesores con palpador SMP-2
HT 6510D PTS - HT-6510D Durómetro digital Shore D modelo HT-6510D
ECP M OXFORD -ECP-M Palpador de corrientes de Eddy para 51-730
SRT 12 PTS -SRT-12 Medidor de Torque manual, Capacidad 4-12 Nm, Precisión ±5%
Oxford palpador OXFORD -51700SMP-1 Palpador magnético para 51-730
Microscopio educativo PTS -EDU-VU-1300 Microscopio educacional modelo Edu VU 1300marca PTS.
LP D1030 PTS -LP-D1030 Medidor de espesores digital manual 0.01 mm, Apertura 1.5", Espesor 0.10 mm
Medidor Espesor PTS Medidor de espesores análogo manual 0.01 mm, Apertura 5", Espesor 0.10 mm
Medidor espesor1 PTS Medidor de espesores análogo manual 0.01 mm, Apertura 1.5", Espesor 0.10 mm
Mouse 3D MOUSE 3D Inalámbrico para uso con Software 3D