CX 9800 Floor Model Spectrometer PTS- Create Analytical is manufacturer that has devoted to the sales and manufacturing of suphur and carbon analyzers focussing on serving the metallurgical market for these machines. Being certified by ISO9001 and having the CE mark we offer highly competitive equipment wihout sacrificing quality, reliability and technology. 







 CX-9000 Alloy Analyzer  CX-9900 Mobile Metal Analyzer  CX-9800 (T) Bench Top Analyzer 
 CX 9000 Aluminum Alloy Analyzer CX 9900 Mobile Metal Analyzer  CX 9800 Bench Top Model Spectrometer
CX-9800 (T) Floor Model Analyzer CX-9500 - Spectrometers 
 CX 9800 Floor Model Spectrometer 9500