The XJC-2522 series of impact testers afford the ultimate versatility in impact testing with standard accessories for both Izod and Charpy tests.

Model XJC-2522D is a digital version and model XJC-2522C is a computer controlled version that uses the popular ImpactStar Software.

The frame design is similar to the ITD-XJ and ITC-XJ series and Complies with ASTM-D256-06a y ASTM-D6110-06, ISO-179:2000 e ISO-180:2000 y ISO-13802:1999.


  • Izod: Impact energy: 5.5J, 11J and 22J. Impact velocity: 3.5m/s.
  • Charpy: Impact energy: 7.5J, 15J and 25J. Impact velocity: 3.8m/s. 
  • Span grip for Charpy: 40, 60, 70 and 95mm.
  • Specimen cross section: 10mm.
  • Weight: 80k.
  • Dimensions: 550x350x700mm.