HLC PTSThe PTS line of hydraulic universal testing machines has standard features and accessories that surpass what most other companies offers as optional accessories, or may not have them at all!

The outstanding features and accessories are; force measurement with load cell technology, crosshead mounted hydraulic grips, servo control, Max Test software, computer, flex fixture, compression plates, and a full set of inserts.

In addition to the standard lines of hydraulic mechanical testers, PTS introduces the innovative HLC line of low capacity hydraulic testing machines that constitute an ideal solution for applications requiring a low cost approach for fastener testing, spot weld tests, lap shear test and wire tests amongst others.


We have the following models:


HLC-150 Series HL Series HT  Series HCR Series
Serie HL de Máquinas de ensayos universales Hidráulicas Series HCR de máquinas de ensayos universales hidráulicas