This system is based on the differential pressure method and is professionally applicable to the determination of gas permeability of film specimens.

It is equipped with three diffusion cells, which could generate test results of three equivalent specimens at one operation.

The testing process conforms to GB, ISO, ASTM and many other international standards.


  • Patent design of three diffusion cells integrated in one instrument for individual or multiple tests.
  • 3 equivalent specimens can be tested simultaneously with the average value as test result.
  • Wide test range for different materials with high, medium and low barrier properties.
  • Various types of gases are testable: sole gas, mixed gases, poisonous gases, explosive gases and other dangerous gas.
  • Major components are imported from renowned countries with stable and reliable performance.
  • Wide range and high precision of automatic temperature and humidity control to support various combinations of non-standard test conditions.
  • Convenient fast-access calibration port for temperature and humidity.
  • Reference film calibration ensures accurate and general test data.
  • Equipped with standard and convenient RS232 port.