This instrument is based on the differential pressure method, and professionally applicable to the determination of gas transmission rate of finished package containers.

Test gases could be air, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, and testable containers include various bottles of carbonated drinks, juice, tea, as well as packages of edible oil, dairy products, washing supplies and metal containers.


  • The GTRs of the whole hollow containers for distinct gases (air, O2, CO2, and N2) are available.
  • Patented structure design and test method effectively solve problems involving container tests.
  • 3 testing cells are available, where the average value of three specimens could be obtained at one operation.
  • Both inner and outer chambers of test containers are evacuated to ensure accurate and effective test data.
  • The system is controlled by computer and test process is automatic.
  • Professional operating software integrates intelligent operation with multi-function data analysis.
  • Equipped with RS232 port for convenient data transfer.
  • Support Lystem™ Lab Data Sharing System for uniform management of test results and test reports.