GC-6890 Cromatógrafo de gases

GC-6890 Gas Chromatograph can be used to measure residual solvent for packaging industry or other related industries and detecting institutions.

It is the best choice for the determination of residual solvent, smell analysis, and solvent purity.


  • GC-6890 comes with characteristics of profession, reliability, precision and competitive price, which is equipped with hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID).
  • The instrument is controlled by micro-computer and integrated circuit, with Chinese operating interface and big display screen. Functions of keyboard inputting parameters, power failure protection and file storage or inquiry provide a comfortable operating environment.
  • Detectors with control elements utilize plug-and-play (PNP) extension control mode.
  • Constant temperature or temperature program can be achieved in this instrument. And preset temperature of chromatographic column chamber could be reached through automatic open-close of its flexible back door.
  • Gas tube is flexible and reliable which is extendable for different feeding gases or tests.
  • Sampler system is equipped with packed column, capillary column and other devices to transfer test gases into the system.
  • Instrument is designed with functions of lower pressure for carrier gas tube and protection for gas transmission interrupt.
  • High temperature protection is applied so that instrument could stop working and alarm when the temperature of any gas tube exceeds the preset temperature (set at 20°C).
  • 1500mv wide range of response signal, with good consistency, could meet analysis requirements of high purity samples.
  • Good performance of chromatographic column box makes it possible to achieve the operation at room temperature+3°C, even when the temperatures of detection and vaporizing chambers are as high as 200°C. Instrument comes with good repeatability of temperature program to ensure the retention time consistency of sample components.
  • Special designed operating software and hardware could automatically monitor the whole operating process, which creates a safe test environment for users.
  • Instrument could be easily connected with chromatography data converter, data system or other graphing devices.
  • Professional chromatographic data system provides powerful and intelligent data process function to automatically identify the names and quantities (mg/m2) of residual solvents of tested samples in accordance with reference data. Instrument is also available for the detection of solvent purity.