Automatic stress cracking resistance tester moldel FNCT-5.

The FNCT is a microprocessor controlled system used to determine the creep stress cracking resistance of polyethylene materials in any environment.

A test specimen in the form of a square-section bar with coplanar notches in each face at the center, is subjected to a static tensile load in a temperature-controlled environment, for example air, water, surfactant solution.

The geometry of the specimen is such that plane strain conditions are obtained and brittle failure occurs under appropriate tensile load and temperature conditions.

The time for this brittle failure to occur after loading is recorded.

Applicable standards:

  • Full Notch creep test—ISO 16770.
  • Tensile creep ---ISO 899.
  • Test of resistance to pull out of joins between polyethylene pressure pipes and fittings—ISO3501.


  • Each station can be operated and run separately.
  • Automatic load.
  • Ease to use.
  • High accuracy and stability.
  • Support separately of every station with no interference.
  • Automatic Diagnosis with protective function.
  • Test environment: Constant temperature chamber or heating oven.