Brinell Hardness Tester NEXUS3200

General information

Top quality compact Brinell hardness tester with video measuring system. Load cell, closed loop, force application system. Test forces starting from 62.5kgf/612N up to 3000kgf/29kN.

Embedded high performance micro PC, Windows Embedded operating system, SSD drive for enhanced reliability. 6.5” Full color industrial LCD touch screen  (can also be operated by mouse and keyboard).

IMPRESSIONS™ advanced user interface with “key in” option for indent dimensions and automatic Brinell hardness calculation.

Brinell Indent Optical Scanner (BIOS) showing crisp images on the LCD screen, fully automatic measurement.


3200 3200XL 3200XLM
                                                                                                        390mm workpiece height, 220mm throat depth (XL version)     390mm workpiece height, 220mm throat depth (XL version)
    Motorized spindle, featuring automatic workpiece detection, force application, unloading, repositioning